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Fitness Fads, Diets and Quick Fixes

Fitness fads, diets and quick fixes are not the answer to improving health and well-being. They may provide small temporary results but they will do nothing to change the REAL reason people are overweight, out of shape, or in poor health. It has nothing to do with “fat” genes, or lack of information about nutrition…


Outdoor Boot Camp

As promised Outdoor Boot Camp starts May 3rd. Ready for a dynamic change? Firm and burn with a 6-week Outdoor Boot Camp Challenge. Outdoor Boot Camp is small group training that takes your workout outdoors. Be ready to stretch, run, engage in body weight training, and plyometrics. You will gain strength, endurance, agility, and get…

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Current Fitness Trends

Have you been considering a new fitness program? Sick of the same old routine? Not sure what will give you the greatest return on investment? Well, here are four current fitness trends that just might fit your lifestyle and help you achieve your health and wellness goals. Have you ever heard the word “tabata” or…

Retro-FIT Dance Party!!

Retro-FIT your routine and Join us every Thursday for our Dance Party Class. Starting at 6PM groove health & fitness will host a Groovy dance party workout! Bring an open mind and spirit because all we do is let the music move us!! For Members the class is complimentary. Non-Members $12. Let’s Dance!!!

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One Month Unlimited Classes $125

Get Fit and Look Fantastic in 2016! Synrgy 360 is a Small Group Circuit Training Class that is anything less than BORING! The Synrgy 360 creates energy and motivates participants of all fitness levels. You will focus on cardio, strength, endurance, and agility all in a 45-minute workout. Classes are open to BOTH Members and Non-Members