About Groove Health & Fitness Retreat Center




Only a 1 hour drive, with countless memories to be made

When you’re tired of the city or the hum-drum of life, energize and restore with us at this creekside retreat center. We offer space for you to explore and discover your power within through a number of yoga retreat opportunities throughout the year.

Groove has helped shaped countless lives, and hit “reset” many businesses & employees

We invite you and your employees and colleagues to Ellicottville, NY for a day or multi-day team building retreat or offsite event.


Meet Dionne

Hello I am Dr. Kress I and I am the owner of Groove Health & Fitness. I am an experienced Executive Leadership Coach, spiritual guide, yoga instructor, and personal fitness trainer. I am passionate about the health and well-being of my family, friends, and surrounding community. I am dedicated to learning and love sharing my knowledge with people who care about their well-being.

I was inspired to open Groove as a community space where people could gather to feel a sense of connectedness, non-judgemental support, but free to express their true sense of self.  

People have a desire to be healthy, but it can often feel intimating to get started. People tend to be critical, negative, and judgmental toward themselves and others. Therefore, a health and fitness center is the last place people want to go when they are not feeling self-confident or secure in themselves.

My vision was to create a community that held space for others. Space that felt safe; where people accept each other unconditionally. We all have been at the beginning of something. We all know the first step is the hardest. Groove is a place where you can come, no matter where you are on your journey, and take the first step toward loving yourself again.

Groove was intentionally designed to inspire, support, and naturally motive each person who entered our space. We often like to say, “we are not your average health and fitness center”. The experience of Groove is intended to give each person a little space and courage to open their hearts, minds, and spirits leaving them feeling LOVE.  Love is a feeling of hope, inspiration, passion, understanding, happiness and beauty that is truly forever… who doesn’t want more of that!

It does not matter why or how you came to Groove all we care about is that you leave feeling A LOT more LOVE,  that you have become part of KIND community of people were being your true self is not only accepted but highly encouraged.

My vision for Groove was purposeful. I have been on a spiritual journey most of my life driven by an internal sense that there was something more for me to do or give. I always felt a calling deep in my soul. I didn’t know what it meant; I just knew I felt it.

Opening Groove has fulfilled some of that deep calling. I have connected with people who love and accept me, and I love and accept them in return. I believe we are all simply searching for more kindness unconditional LOVE and genuine acceptance.

Our Mission

Groove is a community-based health and wellness center and also a uniquely designed retreat space. The intention for Groove is to provide a place in the community where people can gather to feel a sense of connectedness, non-judgmental support, and free to express who they really are.

Groove is intentionally designed to inspire, support, and naturally motive each person who enters the building.