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Bachelorette Parties at Groove

Are you getting married or planning a bachelorette party for the bride tribe? Groove health & fitness is the perfect venue for a Private Yoga Party. We can host your party inside in our beautiful studio or outside in our lovely backyard. Either way it will be an event to be remembered by all. 


Private Reservation Only – SUP Yoga Classes

Are you looking for adventure this Summer? Do you love coming to Ellicottville to explore, relax, and be outdoors?

This season Groove Health & Fitness, Adventure Bound onthefly and Holiday Valley Resort have continued to expand the opportunities for FUN and ADVENTURE in Ellicottville.

We offer SUP YOGA and SUP FITNESS private group classes by reservation at Spruce Lake Holiday Valley Resort. We would love for you join us.

Class price based on group needs and customization. Includes Instructor, SUP Board, Paddle, PFD, and ankle leash.

We also LOVE hosting YOUR Special Events!!

Leadership Retreats
Business Meeting Activities
Family Weekends

OR just a groups of friends who want to have fun.

Classes can be hosted morning, day time, or sunset.

Call today to schedule your PRIVATE EVENT!! 716-217-4047

Past Events with Groove

Embrace Your Feminine Spirit and Awaken Your Inner Wise Woman

Nov 1, 2018 – Nov 4, 2018

Embrace Your Feminine Spirit and Awaken Your Inner Wise Woman is a weekend retreat for any woman who desires to live in greater harmony with herself. It is designed to help cultivate a deeper connection to your inner power and learn to trust your intuitive wisdom as a guide through life.

Through this retreat, we will bring attention to and alignment in the four dimensions of wellness and wholeness: Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual.

We will explore ancient rituals and practices such as the Medicine Wheel, Council Practice, Yoga, Meditation, and the guidance of Mother Nature. Each tradition is incorporated to help you to find peace and process life’s challenges.

We will build a supportive, trusting community during our time together. We will reflect and listen to each other as we move through the joys and struggles of being a woman. Sitting in council, we are encouraged to speak from the heart and bear witness to each other in solidarity and without judgement. In this way, we share our gifts of vulnerability, love, and wisdom with each other.

Executive Leadership Retreats

Thursday August 2, 2018 8AM – 5 PM

Executive Leadership Retreat- Full Day
This leadership retreat will engage each leader in the development of their strengths. The Strengths
Finder assessment will be used as the foundation.

Strengths Finder 2.0

o The Strengths Finder 2.0 assessment is used to identify the areas where an individual or team has the greatest potential for building upon their strengths. It measures recurring patterns of thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Knowing this information gives individuals a new level of self-awareness that enables them to leverage talents in the workplace.
o This leadership development retreat will help leaders to become aware of and better understand their natural born gifts and talents. By gaining this new level of self-awareness, leaders will be able to better utilize their Strengths in their leadership roles leading to greater impact with their team members. Gaining insight into the 34 Themes of Strength will help leaders understand one another; while also providing valuable insights to the individual.
o Leaders will be given opportunities for real time expression of their own strengths. In addition, they will have interactive activities allowing them to learn about the strengths of others.
o The leaders will engage in various self-awareness building activities for example, meditation, Earthing, Forest Therapy, and an outdoor adventure of Stand-up Paddle Boarding.
Each of these activities will allow leaders an opportunity to experience the re-connection of mind and body encouraging personal growth and introspection. Additionally, their strengths will be challenged and real time expression will be experienced.

Workshop Outcomes

o The Strengths Finder teaches leaders how to leverages individual/team strengths. It has a positive focus and has been shown to improve morale as it highlights what is
“right” with people rather than “wrong”.
o Individuals will leave feeling empowered and equip to utility their strengths, as well as, having an understanding of the Strengths of others. They will have gained a new level of self-awareness allowing them to better manage relationships, behaviors, and
emotions personally and professionally.
o Leaders will gain a new perspective about themselves, their teams, and their organization.

If you are interested in a leadership retreat or leadership development experience in Ellicottville please call 716-435-9591.
Each event is customized to meet your needs. All retreats are experiential and involve the balance of mind and body.

Stampede Toughest Cowboy Mud Run Team Building Day.

Groove health & fitness and Philip Vogt Construction came together to custom build a 13 Obstacle Mud Run course. Stampede brought their global sales team out for an event they will never forget. Thirteen obstacles through the woods, over the pond, and in the fields. What a day!

Live Your Passion Event

Mollie Vacco of Young Living and Groove health & fitness came together to host an Essential Oils and Yoga Rally. Thirty women practiced yoga using essential oils to balance and enhance their practice.
Groove is a perfect venue for a variety of special events, workshops, and rallies.

Queen City Sweat with LuLuLemon Buffalo. 

Join us for our complimentary Sunday Sweat with Dionne, owner of Groove health & fitness. She is joining us for in-store for a refreshing morning vinyasa flow. What better way to start your Sunday?

PortX Logistics Leadership Retreat, Ennis Montana

Dr. Dionne Kress is an Executive Coach who has no limits to how she will enhance her client’s leadership development experience. This leadership team from PortX Logistics, Buffalo went all the way to Montana to see what they were made of! They overcame challenges and busted through every obstacle. Nothing stood in their way to the top of the mountain. What did they learn? Perseverance pays off when you push beyond your limits allowing you to discover new horizons. Or waterfalls and lakes!!!

Leadership retreats and team building does not have to ordinary. 

Horse Yoga

Groove health & fitness and Point Break Farm Friesians have joined together to bring you an amazing NEW HORSE YOGA EXPERIENCE!

Horse Yoga will open your heart to the healing energies of horses. Horses are naturally intuitive and will guide you toward reflecting your true inner self. In their presence you will feel safe and free to be authentic.

Lisa Williams in the owner of Point Break Farm and Certified in Equine Facilitated Learning. She has been a horse trainer for 15 years and when in the presence of her horses she feels alive, centered, and whole. Her experience is if she is one with them. Working with her horses has deepened her connection to her true self.

Dionne Kress is the owner of Groove health & fitness and a certified yoga instructor. She has been on a life long spiritual journey and had the opportunity to work with Lisa and her horses. The experience was powerful and life changing. When in the presence of the horses you feel genuine love. The horses reflect your true self back to you opening your heart to your true feelings and motivations.

Horse yoga is an experience that will open your heart and deepen your connection to your true self.

CBD Workshop

Have you been curious about CBD oils and their health benefits? Please join me at Groove health & fitness on March 20th from 6:30pm-8:00pm

I will will be providing you a FREE Educational Workshop on how CBD oils work, recognizing a quality product, and helping you determine if CBD oils might be right for your health and well-being.
I will have sample products available and be ready to answer your questions.

If you have questions before the workshop please call me at 716-435-9591.

I am a recognized distributor of GREEN ROADS CBD Oils.

Products will be available for sale that evening

Reiki Level I Practitioner Training

Groove health & fitness is hosting a Reiki Level I Practitioner Training session facilitated by Susan Keddie.

Reiki Level I – Practitioner
Reiki is a universal healing technique that works predominantly on the physical level of healing in Level I, but expands into the emotional and mental, as well as, spiritual planes as one attains further levels. It is one of the oldest and most trusted of techniques and has been verified effective over centuries of usage. In modern times research done at Harvard University and others, have shown itself to be safe and extremely useful in the reduction of complications from surgery or in the healing of complex health conditions. Used in many Operating Rooms across the country, Reiki has become nearly mainstream.

In Reiki Level I, we learn the energy systems of the body and how to see auric fields. We practice hands on techniques for self-healing and for working with others. We learn about Reiki’s history and origins and are introduced to dowsing, as well as, working with the innate skills we already possess to enhance them. Everyone taking the course will receive a treatment and will give one. Further resources include a handbook and access to reliable information to learn more about Reiki.
This is a certification course, so please give your full name at sign up so your certificate is accurately created.
The class is approximately four hours but may run a little longer.

Tai- Chi

Coming This Fall 2018!!

Red Sarber has been teaching Beginning and Advanced levels of Tai-Chi for more than 20 years and owned his own White Crane Gung Fu Studio for more than 30 years. He received his Master’s Degree from the Chinese Athletic Foundation of China in Northern Long Fist Gung Fu where he embraced the Chinese philosophy of mind-body connection. Red has been focused on the art of healing for more than 45 years.

Groove health & fitness is both excited and honored to be hosting Red Sarber for his four week introductory Tai-Chi class.

Participants will learn how the Chinese philosophy connects the mind and body creating graceful, soft, flowing movements.
In addition to creating balance and harmony in the mind and body Tai-Chi has many other benefits which include:
Better Balance
Improved Focus
Increased Mind-Body Awareness
Increased Flexibility
Stress Release

Please join Red Sarber starting this FALL!