Are you one of those people who believes you don’t have time to exercise or are too busy to get to the gym? Well, you might want to re-think your priorities. Take a minute to consider what I am about to share with you and may just reevaluate your lame excuses . It is a well-known fact that exercise builds muscle, tones the body, and increases endurance. It is also true that exercise reduces stress, builds our immune system, enhances our mood and safeguards us from chronic disease. But what about character and self-control? What if exercise could build character and improve your will power or ability to self-regulate. What if exercise could build the two character traits that would allow you to persevere when others give up or overcome obstacles that initially seemed impossible. What if you could increase your ability to be successful by simply exercising? Would that encourage you to reconsider your busy life and make time to get to the gym?

New research suggests that exercise can do just that. When sedentary people started an exercise program it was discovered that they began to smoke less, drink less alcohol and caffeine, and began to eat a healthier diet. In addition, they began to do more daily activities, use credit cards less and were more conscientious with work and school. In other words, the things in life that required will power and self-discipline became easier. Two key characteristics of successful people are will-power and self-regulation. Still not able to find the time to go to the gym?

Did you know there is a direct correlation between exercise and your career success? Exercise can increase your bottom line. Seventy-five percent of upper level managers who were part of an interview on career success and exercise stated that they felt physical fitness played a significant role in career success and advancement. Being out of shape and overweight creates barriers to career success. Exercise can give you an advantage over less fit co-workers helping you earn more and getting promoted. Still too busy?

Could you use an attitude adjustment or know someone who could? Well, maybe you both should hit the gym. Working out with a buddy is a lot more fun and the release of endorphins is the bonus. It has been shown that 30-45 minutes of exercise will improve mood, concentration, and performance. Not to mention making you feel good, more confident, and happy. So don’t ditch your workout because something “more important” has come up. Make your workout the priority and you will be better prepared for whatever came up.

These are not the typical benefits we often consider when thinking about exercise, but they can have a significant positive impact on our lives. If a simply exercise routine could improve your character, help you with your career and make you a happier person would you reevaluate whether you were really too busy or just avoiding something really good for you.