Personal Training & Health and Wellness Coaching

Dionne is not the characteristic Personal Trainer or Health and Wellness Coach.

Her life experience and professional training have given her the skills and knowledge to know that health and well-being comes from a balanced mind, body, and spirit.

Her training sessions are never typical, nor do they solely focus on fitness. She engages with you as your personal guide helping you achieve a healthier lifestyle. Together you will explore your nutritional habits, relationships, physical fitness, mindset, spirituality, and more.

Dionne understands that taking the first step and staying committed are the hardest part of being healthy. She provides the encouragement and care you need to stay focus on what you want in your life. Her approach has a gentle touch with a lot of accountability that still lets you to reach your goals.  

Dionne listens carefully to your specific desires, often hearing what you are not saying directly. She is able to fine tune and adjust according to changes in your life. She understands that we are all unique and our sense of well-being varies for each individual:


8-30 minutes sessions $220 w/three-month commitment

8-50 minute sessions $440 w/three-month commitment

Customized Packages also available

Private Yoga Sessions

Private yoga sessions are designed to address your specific health and wellness needs.

Integrating yoga into your health and wellness routine offers many positive benefits. Dionne offers both 30 and 50 minute sessions where she will work specifically with your body and self-care needs.

Yoga offers an opportunity for self-reflection, breathe work, and achieving inner calm. It improves flexibility, mobility, strength, balance, and confidence. Yoga increases the flow of oxygen giving you an overall sense of well-being

Dionne guides you wherever your body, mind and spirit need to go. If you need increased hip flexibility, she will spend the session focusing only on your hips. If you are stressed, she will work simply with your breathe. If you desire inner peace and calm, she will guide you through a meditation.

Private 30-minute session $45

Private 50-minute session $65

Custom Packages Available