Small Business Leadership Association

No one understands the challenges and needs of small business owners more than other small business owner.

As professional’s advance in their business growth and development, it’s imperative that they build community, collaborate, and enhance their leadership strengths. This allows for new learning and establishes creative ways to achieve greater impact and gain a competitive advantage.

The Business Leadership Association is designed for small business owners who strive for a greater connection to community and better understanding of decision-making, influence, strategic thinking, reflective learning, and leading change.

In today’s fast-paced world, it is imperative that small business owners work together for the greater good of the community as a whole. The critical components are collaboration and community.

Individuals dedicated to improving their business, leadership, and community need to come together to apply the necessary rigor in the pursuit of growing their small business community.

Who Should Participate:

 – Small business owners and key influencers who strive for a stronger sense of community, collaboration, business support, leadership development, and business impact.

 – People who recognize the benefit and need of people supporting people through the challenges of everyday life of a small business owner.

Association Benefits:

  • Confidential and personal advisor board where individual business owners can process challenges and explore new business ideas and strategies
    • Each member will represent a different area of business, no competing business will be in the same group. Number of participants 6-10
  • Community and peer business support
  • Applicable insights and resources used to grow your small business
  • Exploration of new perspectives and innovative ideas
  • Safe trustworthy environment to discuss challenges, new opportunities, and tough business decisions
  • Personal, professional growth, increased learning, new ways to apply knowledge, help growing individual businesses, and the surrounding community
  • Allows business leaders to leverage the wisdom, knowledge and experience of peers and expert leadership development professionals
  • One on one and group Leadership Coaching and peer-to-peer mentoring

Association Leadership Development Tools and Potential Workshops:

  • Strengths Finder 2.0
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Diversity Management
  • Business Culture Creation
  • Personal Financial Planning and Management
  • Strategic Plan Development
  • Strategic Marketing Plan Development
  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Training and Development
  • Collaborative community focus and establishment of a clear direction
  • Leadership Vision and Growth
  • Sales and Marketing Strategies and Planning
  • Business Partnerships and Collaboration
  • Community growth and development plan and strategy

Small Business Collaboration

Small businesses need to collaborate and join forces for positive change and growth. It is imperative they know and understand the ins and outs or each other’s businesses so we can support change, challenges, and positive growth. Being a Small Business Owner does not come without multiple challenges and opportunities. Being surrounded and supported by other small business owners provides an important component for business and leadership success. The Small Business Association is a community of people who strive for success while supporting each other unconditionally.

What Does A Typical Meeting Look Like?

Monthly Half-Day Meeting 9:00-1:00

Monthly meeting will be held in a private inspirational retreat center that is beautifully designed to hold space for its members so they can relax, reflect and allow new creative ideas to emerge for the benefit of growth and learning.

Each monthly meeting will begin with a grounding experience to shed stresses and clear the mind so creativity, inspiration, and imagination flow freely. Could include yoga, guided meditation, fitness class. (30-45mins)

Each meeting will provide business owners with an opportunity to set and review goals, challenges, and opportunities. Members will be provided support and held accountable to action plans, strategies, and goals. (2hrs)

Each meeting will provide an educational workshop decided upon by the needs of the group. Could include Motivational Speakers, Business Area Experts, Professional Associations, and Educational Workshops (45mins)

Quarterly Showcase (site visit) of a member’s business, to learn about what they do, learn about their products and services, and hear how they serve their local community.

Interactive events for relationship building and partnership creation

Relationship Building and Reflective lunch; open discussion on the meeting take away and action steps (30min)

Ready To Get Started?

Business Leadership Association Investment: $300 per month (12-month Commitment)

Monthly meeting with peers

One 60-minute Private Leadership Coaching Call with Executive Coach

Additional private leadership coaching sessions available for an additional fee

Light breakfast and lunch provided at each meeting, except when off site for Quarterly Show Case

Peer Support and Mentoring

Next Steps:

Complete and submit application

Interview with Facilitator to determine goals and outcomes

Agree to and accept the terms of group participation

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