Does the state of our health always have to begin with weight, diet, and exercise? What about well-being; our state of mind and level of satisfaction with life. Doesn’t that influence how happy or depressed we feel, the food choices we make, and our level of motivation to get to the gym. What if we shifted our perspective and started to consider our mental, physical, and social well-being? Might that approach to improving our health naturally allow weight management, diet and exercise to naturally fall into place? Let’s explore.

At some point in our lives we will all take a moment to evaluate the state of our health and wellness. First we get on the scale and choose some abstract number of pounds we think we need to lose. We then move to the refrigerator to begin evaluating the foods we need to start and/or stop eating. All of a sudden we begin to feel discouraged realizing we are about to lose all the things we love and enjoy. Finally, our mind shifts to exercise, oh the drudgery of going to the gym. We are suddenly filled with excuses. Our feeling of anxiety, intimidation, and overwhelm are so strong we get a pit in our stomachs.

Why do we focus on these three areas first? Why aren’t we considering the real factors contributing to weight gain, bad food choices, and lack of motivation to go to the gym. Why are we always so quick to look outside for the answers when we all know the real answer lie within? Why do we fear going to the place that will bring us real long lasting results once and for all?

When we begin to consider our health [being without illness or injury] and wellness [condition of good physical and mental health] we prefer to focus on the BIG three because it is safe and seems easier. Going within can be scary and a lot of work; who has the time to figure out their real issues. I would like to suggest you consider taking a risk, the reward could be big. Ask yourself some seriously tough questions and be honest with yourself. Are you comfortable with yourself? Are your fit and able to engage in activities you enjoy? Are you happy, content, joyful. If you have answered no or not sure, you have some thinking to do.

my goalYour feeling of being comfortable, fit, and happy is about your state of well-being. Well-being is a primary contributing factor to our state of health. We can continue trying to losing that last 20lbs, eating the foods we know are healthy and getting to the gym regularly, but if we don’t have a positive sense of well-being we will often land right back where we started.

Well-being encompasses our physical, mental, and social aspects of life. Your physical well-being relates to your feeling of energy, vitality, and vigor for life. Mental well-being includes your sense of satisfaction for life, acceptance of self; recognizing our purpose and passion; experiencing balance between positive and negative emotions; feeling in control of life circumstances and seeking out personal growth and development opportunities. Finally, social well-being, when you feel as though you give and receive support from friends, family and colleagues. People who feel a greater sense of well-being will rate their lives as positive and will feel more optimistic, ultimately being healthier.

Do you currently feel healthy, full of energy and able to take on your daily activities? Are you engaged in your life? Do you find it interesting and satisfying? Are you surrounded by supportive friends, family? People with a sense of well-being evaluate their lives as meaningful and having purpose. Does this describe you? Maybe this is where you need start in the evaluation of your state of health. Stop looking at the scale, eating more broccoli, and avoiding the gym. Take the time, energy, and risk; go deeper to figure what is really effecting your state of health.