Ellicottville isn’t just a winter destination anymore. It is becoming the go to town for all four seasons of fun and adventure. This summer Ellicottville is bounding with new excitement, water sports, and outdoor fitness. Together Adventure Bound onthefly, groove health & fitness, and Holiday Valley Resort @ Spruce Lake have created a whole new reason to make Ellicottville the place you want to be for summer. SUP boarding is one of Ellicottville’s newest outdoor experiences and you definitely need to try it.

SUPonthefly is a brand of stable stand up paddleboards that are used for Intro to SUP classes, SUP Fitness, SUP Yoga, SUP fly-fishing; in addition to the traditional leisurely paddle down the river. SUP is one the fastest growing trends across the world. The beauty of this type of water sport is that it is available to all ages and fitness levels and is low impact. If you really want to make a difference in your physical health, you need to shake things up. SUP is more than just a fun way to spend the afternoon; it allows you to experience the beauty of the outdoors decreasing stress and improving health and well-being.

SUP boarding engages and fires up muscles throughout the entire body. Even the casual paddler will feel the strength of their core as they stand on the board and move the paddle through the water. Here are a few reasons why you should consider SUP boarding as a new way of getting exercise and exciting your adventurous spirit:

In order to stand on the paddleboard you need to engage your core, legs, and back; which allow you to stabilize and balance. The power to move the board through the water comes from the paddle-stroke. Each time you move the paddle through the water you will feel your muscles firing. As the water moves so, will your body requiring you to make small adjustments so you remain on the board. This truly is a full body workout. It will build strength, improve balance, and encourage patience as you learn to relax and enjoy your time on the water.

Are you a Type A personality needing a challenge? Not to worry SUP can increase your endurance, improve cardiovascular health, and get the adrenaline rush you crave. By varying the pace at which you paddle you can challenge yourself with various intervals and cardio blasts. If that’s not enough, you can throw in a few burpees, push-ups, lunges, and body squats giving you the ultimate full body workout. This is guaranteed to increase your heart rate, improve strength, agility, and core.

SUP provides various health and wellness benefits that are also low impact. The SUP onthefly boards are a great alternative to your ordinary yoga mat. Practicing yoga on SUP board is not only a full body, low impact workout it is amazingly beneficial for your mind and spirit. Gently moving through yoga poses on your board clears your mind, relieves stress, and revitalizes your soul.

Presence and focused are required while paddling especially if you do not want to get wet. Being on a SUP board will provide you with the experience of a moving meditation. While paddling you are surrounded by the beauty and sounds of nature; allowing an opportunity to become fully present. Being in the natural environment has been proven to decrease stress, and improve feelings of depression and anxiety. Paddling on a SUP board forces you to disconnect from technology and just let go. Something not so easily accomplished on land.

Being on a SUP board is not only calming, it is fun, challenging and provides a great workout. When planning your summer be sure you explore Adventure Bound onthefly and groove health & fitness Facebook Event Pages where you will find multiple opportunities for summer adventure, fun, and fitness.

Trying new adventures increases confidence, inspires your spirit. If you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and the need for fresh air, blue skies and green space, then being on a SUP is where you need to be.