As women are becoming more empowered, more of us are leading companies, starting companies, and truly impacting our communities. It can get lonely at the top and entrepreneurial women’s groups are the answer. Women don’t deserve to feel stressed by the isolation that comes with being a decision-maker running or owning a business. Networking with like-minded women is a great way to alleviate those feelings, but a close-knit entrepreneurial women’s group is better.

Here are some reasons that female entrepreneurs and aspiring leaders need an intimate group where they can share feelings of balancing long work days, family, and societal responsibility.

  1. Day-long skill-building programs prove to develop inclusiveness with others similar to you. Entrepreneurs are rare (believe it or not), and women account for less than half of that number according to Forbes. Women entrepreneurs need to have professional colleagues like they would if they worked in an organization.
  2. Creative stimulation is a powerful thing and when specialized women get together. The group stimulates each other to be creative and innovative by thinking through with other women entrepreneurs from diverse business backgrounds.
  3. Creating a sounding board for women to speak openly about their successes (or challenges) to get feedback from others with similar experiences. This can be a thoughtful and insightful way to share feedback.
  4. Being more self-critical than men, entrepreneurial women are encouraged by others that validate their tough decisions. Peer group validation is often beneficial in motivating women to take bold steps to grow their business.
  5. Last but not least; it’s an energy boost to those running a business every day! A successful women’s group will allow you to return to business with a fresh perspective, new skills, innovative ideas, and business relationships.

The largest take away from this message, is that strong women need to stick together. Find your tribe – collaborate with them, communicate with them, network with them, refer them, and support them. We are all in this together!