Company retreats are making a comeback with a modern twist. After the recession, more and more companies are carving out a budget (and time) for business retreats. Here at Groove, we are passionate about our community and know that businesses, large or small, deserve employee and management retreats.

If done right, your small business can hold a successful business retreat right here in beautiful Ellicottville, NY at Groove. Here are just a few reasons you and your employees need a retreat:

  1. Think BIG picture – Stepping out of your comfort zone can create a huge opportunity for out-of-the-box thinking towards the big picture.
  2. Learn about each other’s personalities – Outside of the office, most of your team may be totally different personalities. A retreat allows everyone to learn more about each other.
  3. Explore a new environment together – It’s probably the first time you’ve all been to Groove together, so enjoy the experience as a group! Doing something unfamiliar is the best way to open the door to learning new things.
  4. Make important decisions – It’s the perfect time to create or modify a company policy. You’ll have everyone in the same room and in an environment where they feel comfortable voicing their individual opinions.
  5. Retreats are a company’s way of taking their employees on a vacation – how nice is that?! With no formal agenda, your retreat at Groove can be as casual as a hangout and chat or something a little more defined.

Whether your team has never tried a retreat before, they need a day of team-building or help making a major decision; Groove offers the perfect space to have a positive impact on your company and your employees.